Once you join StaffChecking, you will be able to access the employee records of our member companies. These records have been uploaded and can be viewed in our database.


If you are considering to hire an applicant who has worked or who is working for any of our member companies, you can easily run an employment check by signing in and doing a data search.


You may also upload your employee records in our database. The information you uploaded will be made accessible to other member companies which may need to run an employment check of their own.
Basically, what we create is an expanding database to help protect your business and other businesses by providing a way for companies like yours to hire only the best people.
Know that before any company becomes a member of our community, their account is verified first. We have a team in charge of verifying the legitimacy of the accounts. Because member companies are those that provide the data found on our website, we make sure every account is genuine; only legitimate accounts can provide true and accurate information for our website. Once our team has verified the account as legitimate, the member will be able to access all our records. Those who are not allowed to be members will receive an email explaining why they are not allowed access to the website.