StaffChecking is the first online employment background checking website in the Philippines. We serve as your online database for previous work screening; it provides profiles of the employees of member companies.

Why do companies in the Philippines use StaffChecking?

To Hire the Cream of the Crop

Good employees are the best investment for any organization. The better the quality of personnel, the more successful the company. It is therefore important for every company to find the best of the best to be a part of their workforce.

Staff Checking aims to help Philippine companies hire only the cream of the crop. Through the records found in our website, we enable you to see who among your potential hires are the best fit for your organization. Based on the accurate information provided by our member companies, you can determine whether or not the candidates you are considering to hire are trustworthy and can indeed help your company thrive.

We make hiring employees similar to choosing apples. With our help, you can pick only the freshest apples from the bunch.

To Do Employment Checks in No Time

Employment checks take time, but not with Staff Checking. We allow you to screen applicants with only a few clicks. You will immediately access the employment records of the individuals you are considering to hire and view the comments and recommendations of member companies they were previously involved with. The quicker you perform the background check, the faster you can hire the professional, and the quicker you will reap the benefits of having a qualified staff on your team.

Try us and see how fast you can search and screen your future employees!

To Be a Part of a Community

Once you register with StaffChecking, you become a part of the growing network of Philippine companies that share employee records. As a member, you will be able to see employee information provided by other companies and thus screen potential additions to your company. In turn, you can add your own employees' information to our database and make the records available for the perusal of other member companies.

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Member Companies: 172

Current Records: 9211

  • Pasion, Romeo John Jr.
  • Cristobal, Robert Ian
  • Dungo, Ariane Rachel
  • Fopalan, Andrew Julius
  • Garcia, Maria Ana
  • Bangayan, Danny Mar