Frequently Asked Questions

Found below are the Frequently Asked Questions from our members. If you have a query and it is not included in the list below, simply fill out the form found at the bottom of the page. Send us your question and we will respond as soon as possible.

  • What kind of employee information are found in the StaffChecking database?
    • The records uploaded in the StaffChecking website include basic information about the individual, such as full name, position in the company, last day of employment, amount of last salary and last employment status. Also included are attendance records and assessment of professional conduct. Moreover, the records show if the employee has pending loan payments and cash advances.
  • Does the StaffChecking database include records of government employees?
    • Yes. You can also view records of government employees here.
  • What if the person we are looking for does not have a record in the StaffChecking database?
    • In the event that the person you are looking for does not have a record in the StaffChecking database, we suggest that you refer our website to the company he or she worked for. The company may sign up with us and get the opportunity to add its employee records to our database.
  • Can we share subjective feedback about employees?
    • The privilege to share subjective feedback about employees is reserved only to our member companies. Once you register and become a member, you can share comments with other member companies.
  • What if some employees file a lawsuit against the sharing of their information?
    • StaffChecking is not violating the employees' right to privacy. The website is merely hosting the companies' data about their employees. All information found on the records were based on the performance of the individual as assessed by the employer.

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